PlayStation 5 will consume less power in effort to combat climate change

The video game industry is banding together to combat climate change, with Sony Interactive Entertainment committing to lowering the power consumption of its next-generation PlayStation — at least while it’s in suspend mode — in an effort save more electricity.

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Sony will not be participating at TGS 2019 either!

Sony Interactive Entertainment will not hold a PlayStation news conference at Tokyo Game Show (TGS), continuing a trend of decreased engagement with major trade shows for the console maker.

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PlayStation 5 specs: Everything we know so far

Sony’s next-generation console, likely to be named the PlayStation 5, is far from gracing store shelves, but the company has revealed a few of its specs to give fans a taste of just how powerful it will be. While we don’t know the exact specs of what Microsoft is cooking up with the next Xbox consoles, the PS5 certainly puts the Xbox One X to shame, as it should.

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PS5: What we know about Sony’s upcoming console

The next console generation is officially in the near future, now that both Sony and Microsoft have started to lift the lid on their upcoming platforms. Microsoft officially introduced the next Xbox as Project Scarlett during its E3 2019 press briefing with a video of developers and executives discussing the console’s features and how they’ll empower game makers. Sony pulled out of E3 this year, but the company revealed the first information about the next PlayStation — which is unofficially known as the PlayStation 5 — in April.

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Sony reveals more PS5 details ahead of E3

After its announcement of skipping E3 this year, Sony is revealing some new details about its upcoming console, the PlayStation 5. The console will be coming with an SSD by default, instead of as slower HDD like the PS4; it will support 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate, for a much smoother look on displays that can handle the faster speed; and game saves will in a wat be able to transfer between older consoles, so you can pick which game you want to play without having to change consoles.


What Microsoft and Sony’s cloud gaming partnership may mean for the PlayStation 5

While the long-documented rivalry between Microsoft and Sony may not be over, it does appear that the two companies have realized that in certain areas they are stronger together. In an unexpected announcement, Microsoft and Sony revealed that they had partnered to develop new cloud gaming and streaming technologies. The implications are intriguing, to say the least, and it could mean big things for both Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox consoles and Sony’s next-generation PlayStation, which we’ll refer to as the PlayStation 5 for now, though it remains officially unnamed.


Sony shows fast PlayStation 5 load times, hints at cloud gaming future

Sony is holding its E3 press conference this year, but the company hasn’t revealed much about their upcoming console, Playstation 5, yet. The Playstation 5 will support 8K graphics, 3D audio, SSD storage, and compatibility with existing Playstation 4 titles. The SSD storage will boost the console and the company demonstrated some features of exactly that today.