Google Pixel XL and Pixel 3a get ‘see-through’ wallpapers courtesy of iFixit

A trend has developed in the past couple of years for “see-through” wallpapers on certain phone models to get a peek at the hardware that powers your device. Now, the folks over at iFixit are giving Google’s original Pixel XL, as well as the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, the see-through wallpaper treatment.

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Google’s Pixel 3a price leak goes at $399 and higher

According to the YouTube channel This is Tech Today, Google’s all-but-official budget smartphones will cost from $399 to $479 respectively. Both prices are for the 64GB storage space, but the 128GB will also be available later. As Brandon Lee, the host of the channel reports, he was sent images from Pixel 3a’s retail packaging, along with a number of other details about it and its larger XL variant.


Google Pixel 3a leaks in “purple” with yellow power button

Made by Google’s Pixel 3a mid-ranger has been thoroughly leaked in recent weeks. In fact, the more recent ones from case makers do not contribute anything particularly new to the conversation. The same can be said about tonight’s, but it is notable for revealing the phone in purple.


Latest Google Pixel 3a leak shows the phone in detail

The Google Pixel 3a has received many leaks as a sole press rendeer has appeared again after courtesy of famous leaker, Evan Blass.


Google Play reveals Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL

Earlier in the previous month we confirmed Google’s rumored Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL and that is how they are named. We also learned some specs about the phones, with the Google Play Developer Console today seemingly providing an official confirmation for many of them.


Google Pixel speed test compares 4 android versions

When Google announced that the Pixel would receive an official update of the Android Q it came as a surprise for everyone. Now, a speed test is published on YouTube to show all the updates the phone received and how everything affects the device.


The Pixel’s night camera is great!

When the first review of the Pixel 3 was published, many people had concerns about their photos of moving objects. The night sight of the Pixel’s 3 camera works with editing the image with high exposure and a brighter background. With those exposures, you can get results from really professional matters such as moving cars turned into blurs for a cleaner image.

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