Disney+ surpasses 10 million subscribers on first day

Disney+ surpassed 10 million subscribers in its first day, the company announced today. 


Disney’s announcement comes after Apptopia reported that the Disney+ app has been downloaded more than 3.2 million times. That’s despite tech problems that affected the service throughout the day. The Mandalorianthe live-action Star Wars show easily considered the crown jewel of Disney’s streaming service, saw north of 2 million streams over the first day, according to people familiar with the matter. That number has more than likely grown due to overnight and second day viewing. 

By the end of the day, Disney+ was also the top app in the App Store, according to Apptopia. Launching with a bundle — ESPN+ and ad-supported Hulu — also helped bump up both apps in app stores, according to Apptopia’s report. Sources familiar with the matter told The Verge that the bundle also saw a notable increase in sign-ups following the launch of Disney+. DISNEY+ APP HAS BEEN DOWNLOADED MORE THAN 3.2 MILLION TIMES

To put everything into additional context, analysts projected that Disney+ would have anywhere between 10-18 million subscribers in its first year. Disney has signed up more than half of those projected numbers in 24 hours. That might lead to people questioning whether Disney is poised to be more successful than other streaming competitors, including Netflix, but that’s not quite fair. 

“It’s impossible to compare, with any insight coming from it, first day downloads of Netflix to that of Disney+,” Apptopia’s report reads. “Streaming was not what it is today and mobile is not what it is today, as mobile device penetration and user preferences have shifted in Disney’s favor.” 

Disney also confirmed that “there are no plans to release Disney+ subscriber data outside of The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly earnings calls.” The next time we’ll hear about subscriber numbers will be in early 2020.

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