watchOS 6 GM includes new Meridian watch face featured during Apple Watch Series 5 reveal

Fans of the new Meridian watch face that was revealed during the Apple Watch Series 5 portion of yesterday’s Apple event don’t have to wait until next Friday’s hardware release in order to take the new watch face for a test drive. Today’s release of the watchOS 6 GM includes the new Meridian watch face as the default option for Apple Watch Series 4 and higher.


The Meridian Watch face features four round complications arranged in a diamond pattern near the center of the face.

Customization options include the ability to switch between white and black dial colors, complication color, along with the ability to customize the four complications featured on the face.

The watch face itself features an analog time display that utilizes tick marks and is devoid of any numbers.

New Meridian watch face in watchOS 6

Meridian is featured prominently in Apple’s promotional materials for Apple Watch Series 5, and will surely be one of the more popular new watch faces on offer.

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New Nike faces in watchOS 6

The watchOS 6 GM also brings new Nike faces to the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+.

Besides Meridian and new Nike options, watchOS 6 offers a nice helping of other new watch faces including California, Numerals Duo, Gradient, Solar Dial, and others. Be sure to watch our hands-on look at over 80 new watchOS 6 features for a behind the scenes breakdown of all of the major new features included in the upcoming September 19th release.

What do you think about Meridian? Would you consider using it as your primary watch face?

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