Pixel 4 – Camera Features Leaked!

Just as we thought we could expect what the Pixel 4 would offer, another leaked image of the Pixel 4 is ready to prove otherwise. This time, the leak is based on Pixel 4’s camera software.


The Pixel series is rather well known to be one of the best phones when it comes to the camera, however, there have just been some minor features added to the camera’s advance options. The fresh leak from Vietnam provides a glimpse of how the software will be modified. The hands-on post seems to be an almost completed prototype of the software straight off the production line as Google has moved it’s production line to Vietnam early this year.

The leaks from Genk shows that there is a new UI for camera settings, settings that are usually left untouched. Settings that you won’t touch too often, things like the flash, timer, face retouching, and image aspect-ratio, have now been included in a floating overlay. From the looks of it, it seems that Google is trying its very best to declutter the screen.

Another new addition to the camera, is the ability to switch off selfie mirroring. At its current state, the images saved are flipped by tapping the image. This will finally allow images to stay the way you took the picture and will be even better if there are texts in the image as it will provide better orientation.

Leaked together is a new Pixel theme utility where you will be able to customize the fonts and the layouts accross the device. It is presumed that the face-unlocking technology as shown in the GIF above will be able to recognize you from an angle as well!


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