Apple Pay now supported for payment when riding the Miami-Dade Transit Metrorail

Transit support for Apple Pay continues to expand around the country. Starting today, Miami-Dade Transit’s Metrorail service has officially launched contactless payments, including support for Apple Pay.


Various Metrorail stations in Miami have been testing Apple Pay support over the last month, but the Department of Transportation and Public Works confirmed today that the feature is now live at all 23 Metrorail stations. The news was first reported by the Miami Herald.

Karla Damián, spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works, said:

We are simplifying the payment process with the launch of contactless payment at our Metrorail faregates … and hope this will help attract even more people to ride transit, thus reducing congestion on our local streets.

Metrorail’s implementation of contactless payments supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless cards from Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

There are some limitations with the contactless implementation, though. Specifically, you can’t take advantage of discounted fare rates, such as the monthly pass option or college discount. There is a neat implementation of day passes, though:

The first two single rides will each cost $2.25, the same amount as a standard ticket on a physical card. A third tap will then turn the digital pass into the equivalent of a $5.65 day pass. All other taps that day will be covered by the digital day pass.

It’s not clear on the surface whether Metrorail’s implementation of Apple Pay includes support for Express Transit. The difference is that Apple Pay with Express Transit does not require you authenticate before use or wake your device.

Apple’s support page for using Apple Pay with transit has not yet been updated to acknowledge support for the Miami-Dade Transit’s Metrorail. Once it is updated, we should have more details on whether Express Transit is supported.

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