New YouTube Originals after September 24th will be free with ads

Back in May, YouTube confirmed that its Originals programming would soon be free with ads. In an email to Premium subscribers today, the Google video site provided a date for when this change will begin.


The new freemium model for YouTube’s original content begins after September 24, 2019. All YouTube Originals series, movies, and live events moving forward will be free to watch with ads for “non-members.”

However, there will be tiering system where Premium subscribers “get immediate access to every episode of a new season” for binging. Free watchers will have wait for each new installment to be released.

Google is promising paying members exclusive Director’s cuts and bonus footage for Originals movies and live events. YouTube also reminds subscribers that downloads for offline viewing is another perk.

This is YouTube’s new “Single Slate” strategy and comes as most other media companies are putting content behind paywalls. It allows Google to sell premium advertising in front of content from the top YouTube creators and other big stars.

A Google support document provides a list of content that will remain exclusive to Premium subscribers. Items marked with an asterisk are “currently available or soon to be available with ads for a limited time for non-members.” Older seasons and other content will have a windowing period.

12 Deadly DaysFight of the Living DeadKings of AtlantisRe:ImagineThe Sidemen Show
A Trip to Unicorn IslandFischer’s and the Lost TreasureKwon Ji YongRe:SetThe Thinning
Alexander IRLFoursomeLace UpReggae SharkThe Thinning: New World Order
Bad InternetFruit NinjaLazer TeamRoman Atwood’s Day DreamsThreadBanger: Do or DIY
Best Shot (Uncensored)Furze World WondersLazer Team 2Run, Big Bang Scout!Top Management
BodiedG FunkLeFloid Vs. The WorldRyan Hansen Solves Crimes on TelevisionTyler Shields: Provocateur
BrokeGhostmatesLes EmmerdeursScare PewDiePieUltimate Expedition
BTS: Burn the StageGood GameLifeLineSherwoodViper Club
BullspritGroom*Lindsey Stirling: Brave EnoughSideswipedVlogumentary
Burn the Stage: The MovieHyperlinkedLiza on Demand*Sing ItWayne
Champagne ILLI’m PoppyMaluma: Lo Que Era, Lo Que Soy, Lo Que Seré (Director’s Cut)Single By 30We are Savvy
Cobra Kai*Idolish 7Mat Pat’s Game LabSnap!We Love You
Dallas & RoboImpulse*Me and My GrandmaSobrevivíWeird City
Dan and Phil: The Amazing Tour is Not on FireInventerpriseMind Field*Squad WarsYouth & Consequences
Dan TDM Creates a Big SceneJay Park: Chosen1MuseoStalking Vampire
Dance CampJingle Ballin’NeulandStep Up High Water
Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated (Director’s Cut)Kat & JuneOne ShotSugar
Do You Want to See a Dead Body?Katy Perry: Witness World WideOriginThe Deported
Escape the NightKediParanormal Action SquadThe Fake Show
F2 Finding FootballKing of the DancehallPrank AcademyThe Keys of Christmas

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