JBL Tune 500BT Review

I recently was looking for an upgrade on audio section for me, so I was searching not for a cheap nor expensive, but normal prized headphones. After a long search and article reading I finally found what I really wanted, not for their low price, but for the specific specs I was looking for. I chose to buy the “new” JBL 500BT and that was a fine purchase I can say, after 3 days of full use.

General Specifications

Weight (g) (g)155.0 (oz)5.7
Ear cushion material Frog skin PU leather
Bluetooth version 4.1

At first, the headphones are extremely light, I can actually have them around my neck and don’t even know they are there. The gadget itself weighs 155g (5.7 oz), which makes them pretty light as said before. The actual style is a matt one named Frog skin leather, which keeps them shinny at all time and sweat “free”, a thing that pretty much helps when working out with them.

Audio Specifications

Driver size (mm)
Number of drivers per ear 1.0
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB) 1kHz – 24dBV/Pa
Impedance (ohms) 32.0

I can pretty clearly say that the audio makes every song a masterpiece. The both audio outputs with the silicon rubber surrounding them makes everything yours and leaves you alone with your music. I personally can’t hear anything else (street sounds) except my music, which is a thing I chose that kind of headphones.

JBL Pure Bass Sound
Rechargable battery Yes
Remote control on ear cups? Yes
Built-in Microphone Yes
On-ear Yes
Flat-fold design Yes
Multi-Point Connection Yes
Wireless Yes
Hands Free Call Yes
Siri/ Google Now Yes


Starting from the bass, JBL offers a great bass quality for the 500BT, supporting a pure bass sound around them. They are actually that good, that I can’t hear the street outside sounds and the bass really gets into me when I’m listening to my music.


JBL offers a rechargeable battery for the 500BT which is also a feature I really wanted for my new headphones.

I personally listen to music for about 1,5 hours a day, so this is pretty much a long time for a routine guy and I can say that for the past three days my battery is right down the middle. This is great, I can’t stand having to think about recharge times when I have to work or take some time for myself and realise my battery is dead. I think that is what everyone doesn’t want. For charging, JBL offers a charging cable, which you can connect to your laptop or PC, or you can just connect a plug from any android device you have and charge it at a socket.

Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)20 Hz – 20 kHz

20 Hz – 20 kHz
Battery TypeLithium-ion Polymer (3.7V, 300mAH)
Charging time (hours from empty) 2
Speed Charging time (hours) 2.0
Talk time (hours) 16.0
Maximum music play time with ANC off (hours) 16.0
Play time (hours) 16.0


I wanted to buy headphones, which were supposed to connect to bluetooth and play directly from my iOS device and of course my Apple Watch, not only it does both but the headphones feature some power and playing button on the right side of them.

First, the headphone’s right side includes four buttons. Of course the volume up/down and a pause/play button in the middle and a power button at the bottom side of them. When you’re listening to a song and you suddenly want to change it, just long press (for 2s) the + volume button and the song will change. You can do the exactly same thing, if you want to change the song backwards, with the – volume button. See in the image below JBL’s actual start guide image.

JBL Start Guide

As for the calls, JBL 500BT is absolutely simple. You can tap the middle button if you want to pick up the call and two times if you want to hang up.

JBL Start Guide

Another feature I was looking for in my current headphones, was the voice assistant feature. I personally use my iOS device’s assistant (Siri) so much and I was looking an audio gadget with such drivers installed. JBL not only supports Siri but also Google Now assistant.

JBL Start Guide

Just above the power button, it’s an LED light indicating every move you make with the headphones. As shown above, JBL really tried to ensure you about your decision to buy the product. So, when you power them on, the LED lights white and so when you power them off. Before you pair the headphones with a device, 500BT shows you that you currently have no devices paired with them by showing a blue light bleeping fast. When it connects it strikes the blue until you make another move. On low battery, the LED slowly bleeps red to indicate the battery must be charged fast. The bleep stops when you are charging your headphones and stays red until its full charge where it stops lighting.

What do you think of JBL’s 500BT headphones? Be sure to write your opinion in the comments below and let us know if you like them!

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