Google testing Chrome’s dark mode on Android devices.

As we knew earlier from the past weeks, Google is preparing a dark mode on Windows 10 and MacOS giving both systems an upgrade in their function list. Now, Google is trying to bring that mode into Android, but as a night theme for the upcoming Chrome 73 beta.

Chrome 73 joined the beta mode earlier today and the upcoming features might surprise us. For Android, this reveals the early stages of its dark mode. Leaks showed that Android 9 Pie’s Night Mode is set to “Always on”.

android dark mode night mode setting

So far, the dark mode is displaying its features only on pop-up notifications and on swipe ups and downs. When users press down on web links and sites, the panel adopts the same shade of dark gray style as Incognito mode. Finally, the fonts are white.

This theme is clearly on development as it doesn’t feature some text like URLs which do not feature on the tabs, because they have black fonts. The dark mode also appears in menus on private browsing but nowhere else in Chrome 73. On its latest release, the stable 72 features white incognito mode just like in their normal browser.

Earlier this year, we spotted a Chromium commit that revealed that a dark mode was in-development for Android. The theme comes as many Android apps are getting updated ahead of Android Q’s system-level equivalent.

Presumably, the full Chrome for Android dark theme will also color the Omnibar, main Overflow menu, settings, history, downloads, and other menus in a similar shade.

This update also introduces a new download experience and manager. Version 73 of Chrome Beta is available via the Play Store.

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