Instagram is testing 3D Touch ads that let you buy stuff with Apple Pay


Instagram users on iOS may soon have a new reason to love 3D Touch. Your favorite photo sharing social service has begun testing ads that take advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch technology, as well as Apple Pay.

With 3D Touch, users will be able to interact with the ads in new ways. If the ad was for clothing or electronics, a user would potentially be able to forcefully touch their way through various sections (tops to shoes, or TVs down to gaming consoles, for instance).

Apple Pay integration is just a payment processing layer. When you’ve finished pushing your way through an ad, Apple Pay would provide a quick and easy way to buy what you may have tossed in your basket.

Ads are nothing new to Instagram, but the addition of 3D Touch may make them more tolerable — or terrible, depending on how you feel about ads.



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