This simple extension can make Google Chrome run smoother

We’ve all been to tab hell. Maybe you spent hours falling down a Wikipedia-fueled research hole, maybe you were just binging on “Game of Thrones” content.

BitTorrent Now is an open, ad-supported music and video platform

Chances are, most people still think of BitTorrent as a tool to pirate the latestGame of Thrones episode — but for several years now, the company has been using its peer-to-peer internet technology as… Continue reading

Google Fiber to acquire gigabit internet provider Webpass

Google Fiber is acquiring San Francisco-based internet service provider Webpass.

PlayStation VR’s weakness is the Move controller

Sony’s PlayStation VR will have a number of advantages over its virtual reality competitors, such as lower price, ease-of-use, and brand recognition.

Time for the iPad to grow up

The thing I carry around with me almost every day in my bag is a 9.7-inch iPad Pro. I’ve had an iPad with me in some form, usually, for years. It’s redundant, probably.… Continue reading

Facebook Messenger now sends SMS text messages, but only on Android

Well, the rumors were true: Facebook Messenger can now send SMS text messages on Android again, just like the good old days.

Sony’s Cory Barlog answers our questions about the amazing God of War demo

Sony chose the right demo to open its press event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), the big game trade show in Los Angeles this week.

VLC Chromecast support shows signs of life, and you can try it right now.

Streaming Netflix or Hulu to your Chromecast is easy-peasy, but getting local files onto your TV generally requires niche software.

Apple ordered to suspend iPhone 6 sales in Beijing.

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese regulator has ordered Apple Inc. to stop selling two versions of its iPhone 6 in Beijing after finding they look too much like a competitor, but Apple says… Continue reading

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Windows 10 is a service, not an operating system.

If you want to get a sense of how Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sees the future of his company, there may be no better source than his remarks to the employees of LinkedIn… Continue reading